The Courage to Fly

"Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” ~ Langston Hughes

Hello! I'm your host Stephey Baker. As the new year started, I noticed an upsurge of heart. My heart wanting and longing to fly, soar more into LIFE, creativity and connection! I wonder if you too have felt a similar inner desire to fly. To share more? Connect deeper? Take flight into action and create those dreams come true? Soar into that wide-open sky of creativity? Love? If so, then welcome!

Do what you love, leap into your dreams, take a chance on yourself; have the courage to fly.

Time carries each of us,
To the place within our heart-life,
When all the inspiration needed
To make our journey is gathered.
This is the time our hearts
Are ripe with a sense
Of purpose and long to share its creativity.
This is the time
Our heart begins to drum deep within us
- leave the branch
Listening we push off
And FLY!

Now is the time to take flight. What's inside wanting to soar?

THE COURAGE TO FLY BLOG HOP offers creative insight and encouragement from over thirty  innovated, intuitive, and inspiring women sharing their heart felt stories of how they live their best life, while navigating the highs and lows of living an artistic life and doing so, in such a way, that keeps the heart light and open.

We each continue to strive, not only to create our dreams come true but to support others in doing the same. 

We invite you to fly with us by participating in the Courage to Fly Blog Hop. Follow us from blog to blog, and leave your heart felt insight in the comment section of where you've landed (to gather inspiration + rest).

We hope this blog hop inspires you to shake off any dreariness of duty and sacrifice, you may feel, and do what you love. Every small step gives you courage.

When you do what you love, your heart soars!

Unloving thoughts, commitments and activities close the heart, but when you do what you love, you open your heart right up. If you love to sing, sing for ten minutes, and feel your mood lift. If you love to cook, prepare a special meal for yourself or your family, and revel in the joy of creating. If you love to paint, then find a blank canvas and start painting! If you want to daydream, do so without guilt, because you are free. You have the courage to fly.

You are free to be who you are and live the life of your dreams come true.

Starting small is what this Blog Hop is about, sharing what you love and reminding yourself to build your life with your heart, to push off the branch each day and let your heart fly!

Do you feel free to live the life you desire? What makes you feel free? Share your thoughts below or share a favorite quote on the quote page that makes you feel inspired to fly!

If you'd like to be featured as one of the flock please choose a question and email me your response, to info [at] markedbythemuse [dot] com, along with a headshot, two to three sentence bio and social links for others to connect with you. Also, start your post off with a quote that inspires you to take flight. Please keep your post no longer than six hundred words.

Have an inspiring day!

All My Best,
Stephey Baker

Artist, creative teacher and host of the Courage to Fly
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