Week Two

"I cannot...endure...even [the most] attractive cage." ~Amelia Earhart

Monday, March 28, 2101

I’m writing to share...
What do you feel keeps (or would keep) a heart light? As light as a feather and ready to fly! (after writing did you find you need to take your own advice? Why?)
Emily Myer hails from the Santa Cruz Mountains but currently calls San Diego her home. She enjoys creating [especially stationery & earrings], going for walks & exploring Southern California with her fiancé Graham. 
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I’m writing to share...
What’s one thing you need now in your life that upon receiving it would allow you to take to the skies?
Hello. I’m Cindy Jones Lantier. I am a mixed-media artist living in the High Desert Region of Southern California. Making art not only brings me joy, but allows me to share that joy with others. The delight I feel when I am creating shows itself in the layers of paint and paper that make up my work. That pleasure is why I create in the first place.

Wednesday, March 30, 2101

I’m writing to share...
Have you ever taken a risk on yourself? Pushed off the branch and flew into uncharted territory w/nothing but inspiration fueling you?
Dannielle Cresp is a creative direction enabler and web designer. She is creating a handmade friendly world through mindful living on her blog.
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I’m writing to share...
Have you ever had anyone push you "out of your comfort zone" and in so doing freaked you out or made you resist in anyway? BUT! After that push, once the fear was breached, were grateful towards? Looking back, why did you resist? And to whom are you grateful for that - push?
Ruth Garcia-Alcantud lives in West Sussex, UK, where she designs and teaches from her studio. Her passions involve knitwear, yarn, crochet, fabric, textiles and enormous amounts of color with the intention of creating pieces to put a smile on your face.
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Friday, April 1, 2101

I’m writing to share...
What do you love? And why?
Hi, my name is Ainslie Hunter. I am teacher, blogger and mother to a spirited child.  Teaching is my passion and finding new ideas to learn, and people to learn from, is what matters in my life. If you want to explore how online teaching can transform lives then come and visit me here.
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I’m writing to share...
What message is your heart eager to share?
I’m April Cole, a Mixed-Media Artist/Instructor. I get to play with paints, be creatively messy, and get funky with colors & prints every day...and loving it! Enjoy exploring new techniques and inspire others.
My philosophy is think creatively, be passionate, and draw a colorful life.
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