“Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions.” ~Earl Gray Stevens

Each one of our thirty-seven original courageous participants have chosen to share their insights to one of the following questions. You can participate two different ways, one by following along and visiting each space.

The insight offered in this series is priceless and sure to support your creative pursuits and connect you with a community of women determined to live their best creative lives.

The second is by joining the flock, simply choose a question and email me your response, to info [at] markedbythemuse [dot] com, along with a headshot, a two to three sentence bio and social links for others to connect with you. Also, start your post off with a quote that inspires you to take flight. Please keep your post no longer than six hundred words.

What question are you most curious to read?

A) What do you feel keeps (or would keep) a heart light? As light as a feather and ready to fly! (After writing, did you find you need to take your own advice? Why?)

B) What's one thing you need now in your life that upon receiving it would allow you to take to the skies?

C) Have you ever had anyone push you "out of your comfort zone" and in so doing freaked you out or made you resist in anyway? BUT! After that push, once the fear was breached, were grateful towards? Looking back, why did you resist? And to whom are you grateful for that - push?

D) Have you ever taken a risk on yourself? Pushed off the branch and flew into uncharted territory w/nothing but inspiration fueling you? If so, please share what gave you the COURAGE to take a risk on yourself. Also, don’t forget to briefly share a lesson, or piece of wisdom, you learned along the way and how the situation turned out. (Was it different than you originally imagined? Better?)

E) What do you love? and why? (Name at least one thing or cherished moment)

F) What message is your heart eager to share?

[NOTE: Try this short, inspired exercise to open and hear messages from your heart, it's also an easy way to uncover a can do attitude. Sit for one-minute w/your eyes closed. Take your middle finger and touch it to your thumb (right hand), hold it until the exercise is complete. Make sure to be breathing belly breaths and place your left hand over your heart (it syncs the left brain up w/the heart and makes it easier to hear heart's message).  At the end of the minute say: “I am willing to hear my heart's message.” Write down exactly what you perceive, don't over think it cause you'll miss it. The brain will want to override hearts message if you're not use to listening. I find messages from heart are simple and clear, sometimes one word, or three. Here are some examples that I’ve heard: listen from within, your heart knows the way, courage, speak tenderly, etc. I offer this as an example cuz if you hear just one word - that's it! Also, if you see an image or fond memory comes into your mind, it's the feeling that's trying to make its self known to you, allow yourself to feel what's up for you and share that.]
* Heart Exercise: If you’d like to join the monthly heart-link call to experience the extended healing version of this exercise, please contact me [info (at) stepheybaker (dot) com for more info.
The call is thirty minutes and typically costs $8.00 but this month it is FREE, to all who plan to participate in the Courage to Fly Blog Hop or who are curious to learn a new technique that will support the release of stress and integration of joy.
It also is an easy way to balance yourself, clear negative thinking, re-center yourself in freedom, the freedom to be who you are, while grounding yourself in your heart center. This is an Integrated Energy Therapy™ technique; the call will not be recorded to honor the Center of Being, LLC copyright. I am granted rights to facilitate and share this technique as a Master-Instructor.
The call will be hosted by my conference service and seats are limited. Please make sure to grab your seat, sooner rather than later. You will receive the number to dial and password to access the call a few days before the scheduled date. The number is a USA long-distance number. You can join the call via skype for a very small fee.
Each participant will receive an Art Card designed specifically for the theme of each month. You can download and print the card for your personal use only. This is the perfect space to write any messages or insight you receive from your heart. Join future calls and begin to collect and create a series of art cards attuned to your inner guidance. The card can then be used as a daily practice to re-center yourself, find inspiration or receive deeper insight into your spirit (for an example click here).

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